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Building Use
Our school buildings at Sandusky Community Schools are secured for the safety of our students and staff. If you wish to use our facilities for an event or program, please click the Building Use Form button.
Employment Application
Please fill-out the Employment Application if interested in working for the Sandusky Community Schools District.  
2023-2024 School of Choice Form
Kindergarten through twelfth grade students residing in a participating district may apply to attend any other participating school district.  Complete one application for each student.
1st Semester- Applications are due July 1st- September 1st
2nd Semester- Applications are due no later than January 19th
Purchase Order Request
Sponsors for Internal Accounts and Clubs (including Sports) need to fill-out a Purchase Order for any items they are intending to purchase, requesting a check, and/or in need of a reimbursement.  Sandusky Community Schools CANNOT reimburse tax/tips and have all tax exempt documentation available upon request.  Please allow the Business Office three business days to process all requests.
Volunteer Background Check
In order to ensure the protection of children in the case of Sandusky Community Schools, our policy requires, prior to any and all persons providing a volunteer service at the school or for any function conducted by the school; all potential volunteers complete a State of Michigan (ICHAT background check). An application declining to complete a "Volunteer Background Check" acknowledgment form will not be considered.  This form is sufficient only for current school year.
2023-2024 Education Benefit Form (One Per Household)
We are pleased to announce , Meals at NO COST for all Students for the 2023-2024 SY.
Please take a moment to complete this form.  The Education Benefit Form collects information needed to ensure the school receives state and federal funding for education programs. Without this information, Sandusky Community Schools could lose important funding for education programs that our students need.  
2023-2024 Ala Carte- SHS
Ala Carte items are available for sale.  Food Service will not allow any student to purchase any Ala Carte items without parent/guardian approval.  We are placing a hold on accounts to ensure parent/guardians are informed of the extra purchases that are available for students, outside of the normal lunch purchases.
2023-2024 Parental Authorization Form to Waive Entrance Exams/Applications
In attempt to keep costs down and save families some educational expenses, we may be able to waive testing fees and many application fees if the student is on Free/Reduced School Lunch Program.  This form gives the Food Service Director authorization to release your child's name to the counseling office.  The counselor will not make a referral for your child unless you have authorized that release.  Please fill-out one per family.
Special Diet Statement 
Please fill out this form if your child has any Dietary Accommodations.
Fundraising Request Form
Please fill-out this form for any school associated fundraisers for Internal Accounts and Clubs (including Club Sports).  All Fundraiser Requests need to be approved by the Superintendent prior to the fundraiser. 
Fundraising Activity Report
This form should be completed and submitted to the Business Office at Sandusky Community Schools within two weeks of the completion of the fundraiser.  
Sandusky Pack Alliance Fund Request
(Providing for Academics, Athletics, Arts, Clubs, and Kids)

Please attach all supporting documentation (quotes, etc.).  Requests will be given to the Superintendent.  Your request will be forwarded to the Pack Alliance for review and consideration.  All funding requests must be received 14 days prior to a Pack Alliance's regularly scheduled meeting (2nd Monday of the month).



Parent or Guardian acknowledge the Handbook was reviewed with student the first week of  2023-2024 School Year.  Please return by Friday, September 8th.

Please fill-out a form for each student.


Bus Transportation
Parents may designate two pick-up/drop-off locations for their child.  All students will be picked up and dropped off at the locations on the days indicated below.  This will establish a routine for the students. Permanent changes may be made by submitting an updated form to the school office at least two school days before the changes is to take place. 
Please fill-out a form for each student.